5 Tips For Street Photography Portraits

Street photography is awesome. The people on the streets and in shopping areas offer so much diversity and interest. You can learn street photography very quickly. Just grab your camera and head video production Melbourne for places where people hang out.

However you will need more than a digital SLR. You need a good portrait lens as well. In the event you are using a Canon Rebel, you also have to have a Canon Rebel lens that will take excellent portraits. One of the 50mm models will qualify very nicely. There are three Canon 50mm lenses: the f/1.8, the f/1.4, and the f/1.2.

Selecting the right one of these lenses just isn’t as critical as it might seem, especially considering the difference in cost. The f/1.8 is the lowest priced bargain at about $100. Then the prices go up to about $350 for the f/1.4 and more than $1000 for the f/1.2. Granted, the quality of build is undoubtedly different, but you can get great portraits with any one of the three.

Shopping centers and malls are great places to get interesting shots. “Street photography” is not always on the street.

There is yet another hurdle along with obtaining proper equipment. If you aren’t comfortable talking with strangers, this could be a struggle for you to walk up to a stranger to request permission to take their image, nevertheless, after you have tried it several times, the idea is easier. This will be very true when you see the wonderful outcomes. Street pictures tend to be more exciting than your typical family picture. That is, except if your Uncle Pete or Aunt Claire is as colorful as a lot of the street dwellers you will come across in the down-town locations and shopping malls.

Here is an unsolicited tip about street photography: You can offer the subject a print of their photo. This will many times entice them to say “yes” to your request to photograph them. Of course, you must then make sure you send the print to them.

There are actually five tips which you can easily utilize to allow you to be prepared to get those great photos after you manage the difficulty of paralyzing fear.

Never ever venture away from home without the digital SLR camera. We are all guilty of it, yet it’s a good idea to keep on telling yourself that you should not leave home without that camera. You can actually train yourself. After a couple of weeks of taking the camera each time you depart home or office it will become second nature. Absolutely nothing (well, practically nothing) is more frustrating than coming upon an incredible photo opportunity on the street when you do not have the picture taking tools on hand. And this does not necessarily mean you need to carry the complete camera travel bag along with you. You just need your SLR and trusty portrait lens.

You should keep that Canon 50mm lens on the dslr camera. You will find a variety of reasons for making use of this lens instead of one of the “other” choices. First, the 50mm is a very practical portrait lens due to the high quality images it produces and the large aperture. And second, it is smaller and light. It doesn’t wear you out hauling it around the street or shopping center for a number of hours. Furthermore, some folks will be put off or intimidated by a giant, showy piece of glass.

Don’t use your flash. You will definitely get natural shots with no flash, and on the street, this is especially true. You can make use of the large aperture of the 50mm lens to get a good quick shutter speed, and if the brightness is very low, just increase the ISO of the Canon Rebel to speed up the shutter.

Be prepared. The old Boy Scout motto works in street photography too. Check your camera to make sure all of your settings and dials are correct before you approaching your prospect. You could ruin the whole shoot if you have to stop and fool with your camera whilst the subject is waiting for you.

Have your model release forms ready. If you’re going to sell your pictures or display display them in some public place (hint.. Internet), you will need to get a model release from the individual. This is especially true if children are in the photos – ask for their parents’ approval. The great thing is that there is currently an app for the iPhone and iPad for this. It will cost about ten bucks, but it is really necessary. You can go green!