What To Do With Honey Spills on Your Carpet

A carpet is nice to have in your home but it is only good if you are able to keep it clean and beautiful. Home renovations melbourne Unfortunately, you have to face all kinds of cleaning problems such as stains, spots, spills and many more which can make your carpet look ugly and filthy.

An example of the tough cleaning problems that can happen on your carpet is accidentally spilling honey all over it. Honey spills make your carpet sticky and can be very problematic to get rid of. If you do not know how to clean up this kind of spill then your carpet will remain sticky, dirty, as well as attract ants and other insects.

Thankfully, honey spills on the carpet are not impossible to clean up. With the right knowledge and attitude, you can successfully get rid of the honey spill on your carpet in no time. Check out the following steps that you’ll need to follow to get this done.

  • Extract the Excess Honey on the Carpet – Before anything else, you would first need to remove the excess honey on the carpet. You can do this easily by making use of a dull knife or a spoon. Carefully scoop up the excess honey and then place it in a bowl so that you can dispose of it properly. Do this until all of the excess honey on the carpet is gone.
    • Create a Cleaning Solution for the Stain – Honey spills will no doubt cause a stain on your carpet. This is the next thing that you will have to deal with. To take care of the honey stain on the carpet, you’ll need to create a cleaning solution for it. It is very simple to do this as you would just need to mix a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent with a cup of warm water. Place the mixture inside a container and apply some of it onto the carpet stain.
    • Use a Clean White Cloth to Blot the Affected Area – The next step is to get a clean white cloth and to use it in blotting the affected area. The cleaning solution will help break down the honey stain while blotting will transfer it out of the carpet fibers. Continue blotting the stained area until all of the stain is gone.
    • Rinse the Carpet With Water – The last step is aimed to prevent any cleaning solution residue from getting left behind. All you need to do is to rinse the carpet with some clean water and then dry it completely using clean rags. This way, no residue will be left behind on your carpet.


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